Terms & Conditions

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Maintaining the rights of privacy of our guests is of the utmost importance. We take privacy very serious and in doing so we adhere to following policy.

Information / Data Collected by Casinos Lyon

Casinos-Lyon.com rcollects a very limited amount of information from and about our guests. Used for only basic statistical purposes, casinolyon.com collects the following information.

Domain Name: Casinos-lyon.com collects the domain names from the websites our guests have accessed the internet.

Time & Date: Casinos-lyon.com collects the time and date of all visits to our website. .

In collecting this information, casinolyon.com can work to make improvements and better tailor our website to serving the needs of our guests. Additionally, Casinos-lyon.com reserves the right to monitor and track all traffic on our network. This is done strictly for security purposes in order to protect against any unauthorized activity on our website.

Information Actively Provided to Casinos Lyon

All guests to Casinos-lyon.com have the option to share information by communicating with the website directly. In such cases where a visitor has voluntarily provided information to casinolyon.com (e.g. E-mail address) any use of that information is limited to the extent that casinolyon.com requires a reply to the visitor.

In cases where Casinos-lyon.com has received and collected information about website guests, such information is never sold or transferred to any unaffiliated third parties without prior-knowledge and approval of the website visitor.